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Welcome to project: Password Manager by PMW!

Password Manager by PMW is simple, ready to use application allowing you to store your personal information securely in one place! It allows you to store website or email credentials, PC credentials and serial codes of all software you own! Program is designed to handle hundreds of entries while keeping the design simple and user friendly.

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You may appreciate functions of the program which include:

  • Data is protected by user name and password.
  • Storing all data in one database file.
  • Database file is secured using your password in hashed form.
  • All database data is secured using AES encryption.
  • Adding data is as simple as it can be.
  • Deleting any entry is one click away.
  • Passwords are categorizes.

You may enjoy the free license of this program!

To check out what’s changed in new version please visit changelog in Wiki section.


Password Manager by PMW is created by using .Net framework and C# language supported by all Windows platforms which use such framework. I have used Visual Studio 2010 edition to create the project and I have upload the whole project which you might use, modify, and upgrade as you like.

I have in mind not only to fix bugs in this project but also to make it better. All I need is your suggestion what should be included in this project. If you think you want to contribute please contact me and tell me how you could help or join the project. Any suggestions of what should be included in this project please post in suggestions section in discussions.

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