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Password Manager by PMW

(C) 2011-2012 Przemyslaw M. Wiejak

01/02/2012 v1.03
- Top text box will be cleared each time user change page tab.
- Top text box is set to read only.
- Fixed bug which causes opening URL in 2 different browser tabs/windows. Instead, we are starting a new browser process.
- Now we are asked if we want to open the URL in a browser.
- Allowing to open last used database file if log in information are correct; the content of last used file is stored encrypted.
- Allowing to log out; restarting program.

12/19/2011 Version 1.02
- Added option to hide/show passwords stored in database file.
- Default; doesn’t display passwords at start up.
- Links in Web Site Passwords now can be launched in default browser by clicking on them.
- Added installable version of this program.

12/08/2011 Version 1.01
- Initial release.
- Allow to store PC, Web, and Serial Codes credentials.
- Allow to Add new credentials.
- Allow to remove credentials.
- Allow to store data in Microsoft Access 2007 file.
- Allow to encrypt/decrypt all data in database file.
- Allow to log into database file.
- Allow to display data.
- Allow to categorize data.

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